If a marketing website were a salesperson

Would you carry on employing a salesperson that was slow, ineffective and unkempt?

If a website were a salesperson

They would:

  1. be accountable for their sales performance
  2. care about their appearance
  3. try to help if you asked them for something they didn’t know
  4. call in sick if they were absent
  5. suggest alternative solutions to try to find the quickest way to do something

They would not:

  1. get away with taking 10+ seconds to respond when you interacted with them
  2. say “404 – not found” and provide no further assistance
  3. lose a new enquiry and have zero records of it every happening
  4. bring the whole team down with a virus
  5. continue working their hardest if you neglected their needs

Websites are lead generators, just like salespeople

Businesses that rely on their websites to help generate leads should care about their website’s wellbeing and performance – treat them like a member of the sales team; expect there to be a relative cost to keep them churning out solid results.

Help your website reach its potential and it will reward you with sexy results that contribute towards that all-important bottom line.

A website’s not just for Xmas, they need constant care and sometimes they need a website whisperer.

Be good to your website,
Merv – the website whisperer