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If a marketing website were a salesperson

Would you carry on employing a salesperson that was slow, ineffective and unkempt? If a website were a salesperson They would: be accountable for their sales performance care about their appearance try to help if you asked them for something they didn’t know call in sick if they were absent suggest alternative solutions to try […]

Don’t tell people your Google position

Google search engine’s not bad at delivering pretty darn relevant results. For this reason I strongly suggest you do NOT tell others what they’ll get when they carry out a Google search. Let me give a bit of context to this with a simple back story. A speaker informing the audience of their Google position …it’s position […]

Mobile search rankings could be damaged by content blocking

Great news – blocking content will probably have a negative impact on the page’s search ranking. We all hate content blockers, like those pesky popups that require a sign up before accessing the rest of the page’s content. And it appears that Google is on the readers’ side. In an update from Google they stated: Starting today, pages where content […]

Mobile Friendly Search

Mobile-friendly websites are a must

If you value your website’s search engine positioning then mobile-friendly websites are no longer a nice-to-have. On April 21st, 2015 Google’s mobile-friendly websites algorithm was updated to have a significant impact on search results! Since this algorithm was implemented it’s strongly believed that websites not ticking the right boxes for Google’s mobile support best practices […]

We are securely encrypted

We are securely encrypted. And you should be, too

This site is delivered over https, using modern encryption methods. We advise you to do the same and get encrypted. It’s no secret that your bits can be seen by Peeping Toms when you surf the web. To be more precise, the bits are the streams of data between your device and the source of […]