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How to import and export all WordPress users using WP CLI

Like everything with WordPress, there’s usually a plugin to help, but we don’t need one to import users as WP CLI can do this. Here’s the simple process, starting with exporting the user from an existing WP database. We’ll refer to the source database as source-db and the target database as target-db and I’ll assume […]

The awesome Delicious Brains team acquire ACF & ACF Pro!

So, ACF, one of the best developer plugins of the last century, is now part of the Delicious Brains family. What does this mean for ACF, ACF Pro and the vast ACF client base? What are ACF and ACF Pro? Elliot Condon, the sole developer behind ACF to date, has made one of the most […]

3 Ways to Improve PageSpeed by Moving jQuery to the Footer of a WordPress site.

Here’s how to improve your site’s rating on Google’s PageSpeed by moving render-blocking jQuery to the footer. If you’ve ever tried to improve a site’s performance on Google’s PageSpeed, you’ve probably seen that one of the “Opportunities” is to “Eliminate render-blocking resources”. These resources are typically CSS and JavaScript files. Usually, it’s not easy to […]

Using Gutenberg and/or the Classic Editor

It’s common knowledge that WordPress’s new editor, codenamed Gutenberg, will shake up the landscape for many, many websites that use the awesome platform. For some of us it’s a welcomed step for WP, however, for others, it is not. Yet. For Web agencies and freelance developers this is just a hurdle (albeit a potentially big […]