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Screenshot of commenting ordering

Ordering nested comments by the latest reply

I’ve recently been working on a project that has pretty active comment threads. To improve the user experience we decided it would be much clearer to show the newest activity at the top of the comments. Now, you may be thinking that WordPress has a setting for that? It does not. Via WordPress, you can […]

CSS media query hover

Detecting mobile devices using the CSS4 ‘hover’ media query

Have you needed to apply styling to only touch devices, or only non-touch devices? Well, great news, with CSS4 @media (hover: [value]) can come to the rescue in a multitude of ways. What is CSS4? For some time we’ve been working with CSS3, which I think is pretty epic, espcially when compared to what came […]

Inlining CSS – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I’m a sucker for performance gains to the point that I’m convinced I’m actually losing time overthinking it – 🤔 A good example is CSS delivery and it’s always interesting to get others’ opinions on how important they consider styling performance to be and how they measure it. Inlining – good/bad/ugly? Good I see genuine […]

If a marketing website were a salesperson

Would you carry on employing a salesperson that was slow, ineffective and unkempt? If a website were a salesperson They would: be accountable for their sales performance care about their appearance try to help if you asked them for something they didn’t know call in sick if they were absent suggest alternative solutions to try […]

Remove MetaBoxes form Specific Pages

Here is a very simple and robust way to remove the meta boxes from specific pages. It will remove the specified meta boxes from any page slugs in the array of slugs. Code to Remove Metaboxes from Specific Pages add_action(‘do_meta_boxes’, function() { $post_id = $_GET[‘post’] ?? ($_POST ?? false); global $edit_post_id; // just call it […]