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Cross-browser support for hiding scrollbars, including FireFox

Cross-browser support for scrollbar styling and visibility is a challenge. It’s as simple as that. This article provides a solution that addresses the issue of hiding the scrollbars, using scrollbar-width, ::-webkit-scrollbar and -ms-overflow-style. What are Scrollbars? Scrollbars are bars that appear down the right-hand side and across the bottom of the browser (or an element […]

Don’t tell people your Google position

Google search engine’s not bad at delivering pretty darn relevant results. For this reason I strongly suggest you do NOT tell others what they’ll get when they carry out a Google search. Let me give a bit of context to this with a simple back story. A speaker informing the audience of their Google position …it’s position […]

Compress directories from the command line, excluding node_modules and development files

This simple article provides a CLI command to compress a directory whilst excluding specific sub-directories and files. We do a lot of custom development using modern development tools. From time-to-time we need to compress certain directories for deployment to production. In such cases, it is very common that some files and sub-directories need to be […]

Mobile search rankings could be damaged by content blocking

Great news – blocking content will probably have a negative impact on the page’s search ranking. We all hate content blockers, like those pesky popups that require a sign up before accessing the rest of the page’s content. And it appears that Google is on the readers’ side. In an update from Google they stated: Starting today, pages where content […]

How to fix the issue with IntelliJ and PHPStorm not resolving SASS and JS Imports

This article describes how to resolve the issue with IntelliJ not providing autocomplete for imported SASS and JS resources. The same fix can be applied to PHPStorm. IntelliJ is an awesome IDE, but recently it stopped recognising imported SASS and JS resources. This didn’t stop them from compiling, but was very annoying, as it flagged […]

Using Gutenberg and/or the Classic Editor

It’s common knowledge that WordPress’s new editor, codenamed Gutenberg, will shake up the landscape for many, many websites that use the awesome platform. For some of us it’s a welcomed step for WP, however, for others, it is not. Yet. For Web agencies and freelance developers this is just a hurdle (albeit a potentially big […]

Getting your plugins ready for Gutenberg

Is your site, its plugins, custom post types, custom meta and your content ready for Gutenberg? Remember the release date: 5th 6th 7th December 2018. TL;DR Until you’ve tested everything, a short-term fix could be to turn off the Gutenberg experience: add_filter('use_block_editor_for_post', '__return_false'); If you own, manage, develop or have any vested interest in a […]